California's Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) has declared war on fun. Without your help, California's live music clubs and nighttime entertainment will die.

“Something's wrong when the state ABC can shut down law-abiding nightclubs for not selling enough food, or changing their menus or even how people dance.”

Assemblyman Tom Ammiano

At a time when small businesses are failing left and right and Californians everywhere could use a lift, the ABC has decided to step up harassment of bars, clubs, dance halls and live entertainment venues of all types.

These clubs aren't accused of serving alcohol to minors. Nor are they accused of attracting crime or violence. They're attempting to present entertainment to all-ages audiences.

You can read press coverage about the War on Fun in the regularly-updated Links section of our Facebook group.

Who We Are

We are musicians, artists, club owners, club goers, entertainment industry workers,
and supporters of fine arts and live entertainment.

What We Want

To preserve and protect live music and entertainment in California!

For example:

Bottom of the Hill has been cited for not serving enough Mexican food.
Café du Nord has been cited for serving food at 8pm instead of 5pm.
DNA Lounge has been cited for "lewd behavior".
Glas Kat has been cited for not being open for lunch.
Great American Music Hall has been cited for not serving enough food.
Red Devil Lounge has been cited by for noise, with ABC disregarding local noise ordinances.
Slim's has also been cited for not serving enough food.

How You Can Help


Help us organize. Show the state's out-of-control regulators that Californians won't stand for the destruction of live music, arts and culture.

Join the Campaign on Facebook

Even your small contribution will go a long way towards keeping clubs open through public education, advocacy, lobbying for better informed state and local policies.

Let your state and local officials know that you want to protect live entertainment and that you want effective citizen oversight for the ABC. Click here to show your support.